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"Great craft cocktails are far from a new concept, but Inspired is here to take cocktails a step further. Cocktails are my canvas and just like all other forms of art, they aren't just random creations; they come from thought and research, time and practice, and are ever-evolving as the world around them. In a world rich with stimuli, I strive to create an experience in every cocktail for each person who encounters it."

- Nicole Kanev

Founder of Inspired


After spending more than 15 years working in hospitality, and a degree in public relations and marketing, I do more than just create outstanding cocktails for my clients.


When it comes to events, I have experience with planning and executing events of all sizes. Staffing, vendor coordination, and brand awareness are all part of what Inspired offers. I know from experience that every event takes place with the intent of engagement with the attendees and cocktails are often overlooked and under-utilized. Inspired can help you maximize the impact of your event.


When designing menus for bars and restaurants, liquor costs, staff training, and ease of execution are always taken into consideration. Inspired will follow up with product sales and make adjustments as needed.

Inspired doesn't just make drinks with pretty garnishes and catchy names, we do the hard work behind the scenes that ensure a lucrative experience for our clients and a seamless one for your guests.

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